The Verifone VX 680 3G- Long Range Wireless

If you are a business owner and want the convenience and hassle free of  generating sales , increase your receivables by using the Verifone 680 3G wireless unit.

The Verifone 680 3G wireless is geared for literally any market segment your business belongs too, from Restaurants, Courier, Retail, Fleamarkets, Tradesman plumbers, electricians, Taxis,Limousines are just prime examples of what businesses are using our wireless technology.


This wireless unit is very flexible as it allows your business to use it anywhere in Canada where there is a Rogers or Teles network.


The wireless unit is light weight, easy to use, touch screen terminal and most important your cusomers will appreciate the convenience and securty of this system.


If your a business owner and want to see an increase in sales , NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!


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